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Mar 14

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Saturday, March 14, 2009


Just given the low down on Whitby to our new friend Jake, a Springer Spaniel from somewhere called London. He is staying here at Flamborough Rigg Cottage B & B for a few days with his family. He talks a bit funny and seemed quite scared of the hens, the forest and the sheep to start with but he seems to be getting the hang of things now….maybe they are just smaller where he lives.

Anyway, today he is going to Whitby, lucky devil, Katie and I love it there. We did warn him that he would probably be made to walk up lots of steps (Katie counted them last time - 3 times berfore we were half way up!, there were 199, she is such a clever clogs) to a big old ruin on the top of the cliff called Whitby Abbey and he should be careful as someone very bad called Dracula is said to be buried up there. Walking up the steps is worth it though as you get a great view of across Whitby, with its amazing harbour and brilliant beaches. Even more importantly you can see all those people below eating their fish and chips, yummy!


I explained that Whitby has excellent doggie hoovering potential, all of those tasty fish and chips (we love walking past the Magpie café as they are famous for their seafood), crabs, rock and ice cream Although he will have to be fast if he wants to get to any scraps before the seagulls, they are really bossy!


We asked him to bring one of the huge whale jaw bones back with him as a gift! Katie is already drooling at the thought.

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