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Mar 28

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Saturday, March 28, 2009


We had some new friends to walk with today, some children called Oliver, Jessica and Abigail and I had been sworn to secrecy about the adventure we had planned for them. Meg reckoned I would be sure let the cat out of the bag…..what does she mean, who put Payne in a bag?

We all set off with the grown ups from Flamborough Rigg Cottage through Cropton forest for a lovely walk. The children kept hiding from us thinking we wouldn’t find them but for great hunters like Meg and I it was no problem. As well as chasing children we also got to chase rabbits, lots of pheasants (he he!) and a couple of deer!


Just as the children were starting to tire (big wusses) we arrived at somewhere called Levisham, I was so excited as it was almost time to share our secret. All of a sudden there was a high pitched whistle and a lot of noise and smoke (I wasn’t scared, what ever Meg says)…..it was our steam train to take us on the rest of our adventure. The grown-ups explained that it is called the North Yorkshire Moors Railway and that they use old steam trains and carriages that are even older than them, imagine that!


The children and I took turns sticking our heads out of the window, they thought is was very funny the way my ears flapped about.


The train took us over the moors to a pretty village called Goathland. The children got very giddy when they were told this is where something called Harry Potter and Heartbeat were filmed. I was more thrilled by the sausages I managed to steal from the children when we had lunch in the local pub when we arrived in Grosmont.

It was then back on the NYMR steam train all the way to Pickering, North Yorkshire. What a day!

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