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Mar 20

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Friday, March 20, 2009

We have some lovely people staying in the Hayloft here at Flamborough Rigg Cottage at the moment…..they give Katie and I lots of lovely snacks, don’t tell Caroline.


We are always sad to see them head off down the drive on their very posh mountain bikes each morning, but they seem very excited. They come back each afternoon even muddier than Katie


They have been very busy. On Monday they explored the forest trails leading from Flamborough Rigg cottage via Newton Under Rawcliffe for lunch with that lovely man Simon  at the White Swan (They do very nice crisps - and world beating steak pie though we never get to try that!)


Tuesday they did something called the Levisham Loop…...22.9 miles!

If you know any crazy mountain bikers here are the route details



Not surprisingly they had a well earned rest and went into York to do some sightseeing and shopping in the Shambles on Wednesday. Sadly not that new pink dog bowl I had been hinting at when they left!


Thursday they hooked their bikes on their car and went to Dalby forest to spend a day exploring the Moors to sea cycle route that covers routes from Pickering to Scarborough and north to Whitby.

They also tried out the black level trail in Dalby forest, they must be good!

We think they had a great time as we got lots of pats and treats when they returned (Really don’t tell Caroline)


Friday….by now you would think they would be exahsted but they set off on the 16.9 mile Cropton Forest Mountain bike loop. Katie and I had a couple of extra snoozes today on their behalf…crazy people.


I wonder if they do doggie mountain bikes at the bike rental place in Dalby forest?

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