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Apr 6

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Monday, April 06, 2009

Hi, Katie here. I am not sure why you humans get so excited about seeing badgers, but I am told you do. The badgers I see from afar here in Cropton Forest are always so aloof and rude, they never want to play with me. But if you really insist on seeing some I believe those lovely people at the Forestry Commission know the prefect locations and will even guide you there.


The Badger watching takes place in Cropton Forest, you will get exact rendezvous details when you book, on the following dates:


Wednesday May 20 2009
Wednesday May 27 2009
Wednesday June 3 2009
Wednesday June 10 2009
Wednesday June 17 2009
Wednesday June 24 2009
Wednesday July 1 2009
Monday July 6 2009
Wednesday July 8 2009
Monday July 13 2009
Wednesday July 15 2009
Monday July 20 2009
Wednesday July 22 2009
Monday July 27 2009
Wednesday July 29 2009
Wednesday August 5 2009


Pre-booking is essential for all dates. The Monday nights in July can only be booked one week in advance.


They suggest that you wear warm clothing and take along binoculars, a quiet camera without flash, torch and Mosquito repellent. They also mentioned not to take noisy snacks with you so you had better leave those for Meg and I to take care of!


For full details and booking information click here.


You might want to suggest to the guide that next year they offer Labrador watching as we are much prettier than those grumpy old badgers.

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