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Apr 3

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Friday, April 03, 2009

It is nearly time for one of our favourite days out, the Pickering Game and Country Fair at Pickering show ground. It is great fun watching those lurchers, terriers and Gun dogs scurrying about while Katie and I concentrate on with the very important business of finding snacks, quality hoovering time!

It is a very popular place with lots of competitions and people showing their goods and funny animals. It is not everyday that we get to hang out with ferrets, pigs, birds of prey & giant horses. There are sheep as well but we get to see enough of those at home at Flamborough Rigg cottage, Stape. Although it will be fun watching them get their hair cut!

Human visitors can try out some of the activities such as fly casting, quad biking, shooting air guns, archery and take rides on the vintage fair ground.

Most importantly there is lots of tasty food and drink for everyone.

For further details about the Game and Country Fair click here.

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