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Apr 10

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Friday, April 10, 2009

Here at Flamborough Rigg Cottage we are surrounded by a large field and at this time each year farmer Tim brings the tiny spring lambs and their mummys to live in the field. They are so cute and energetic, gambling about and bleating their little heads off. There is nothing I like more than laying here in the garden and watching them play. They are quite inquisitive, at times they will pluck up the courage to come right up to the fence and take a look at our guests, us dogs, that cat and the grumpy chickens. As soon as I bark hello off they bounce.


However, if I am really honest the reason I truly love the lambs is that just for a little while Katie can’t claim to be the cutest animal around!  Happy Easter, from a very smug Meg.

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