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Jun 1

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Monday, June 01, 2009

Hi, Katie here. We had a brilliant day yesterday. We had a new friend come and play with us. He was a very handsome golden retriever called Toffee, from Scotland. His owners were staying at our B&B here at Flamborough Rigg Cottage for the weekend. As they were having Sunday lunch on the Pullman on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway they asked Phil and Caroline if Toffee could hang out with us.


I think Toffee was a bit annoyed at not joining them on the train. I couldn’t blame him. He was missing out on what I hear is an amazing Sunday roast. When we are out for our walks through Cropton Forest we often see the train pass and lucky people onboard enjoying their meals. They offer Sunday lunches and dinner most weekend evenings. I just don’t think it is fair; us dogs will probably never get an invite!


We soon took Toffee’s mind off his missed lunch opportunity by showing him our favourite games such as burrowing into the vegetable garden, irritating the chickens, bone hunting and calling the pesky cat names. He soon got the hang of it.


He has promised to come back and visit us again in Stape soon. I hope he does, he was rather cute!


For further details on dining on the North Yorkshire Moors Railway click here.


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