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Jun 12

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Friday, June 12, 2009

Phil and Caroline have had some young family visitors at Flamborough Rigg cottage this week.


They had brought swords and shields with them so Phil decided to take us all to Pickering Castle so they could put them to good use.


Pickering Castle is an early Norman castle that sits on the edge of the nearby market town of Pickering. The literature informed us that it is a classic and well-preserved example of an early earthwork castle refortified in stone during the 13th and 14th centuries. What it didn’t say is that it is a great place to play at being Medieval soldiers.


The children informed us that we were the enemy and our job was to get into Pickering Castle and track them down. Lilly and I reckon we would have tracked them down easily if we hadn’t to have had Phil attached to us with leads (The nice people at English Heritage have probably played this game before). Sadly they heard him coming and ambushed us!


It was ice-creams all round afterwards as a special treat! 


For further details about the amazing Pickering Castle click here.

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