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Jan 21

Written by: Phoebe, Meg, Katie and Payne .
Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Quite happily lying in a sunbeam (which we get a lot of in North Yorkshire no matter what people say!) when young Katie came along to taunt me – although safely out of range of my claws I notice. 'Why do you want to lie here all day doing nothing when you could be out with us?' She clearly knows nothing about cats – lying in the sun watching walkers and dogs amble through Cropton Forest and the North Yorkshire Moors is a cat’s idea of heaven – not that anybody invites me to go out anyway. It appears that Katie, Phoebe and Meg had a special treat. They were taken for a walk around Pickering, showing off as they paraded up and down Market Place. Apparently they were well behaved (which they never are when I’m about!) because they were taken to lie in front of the fire in the White Swan Hotel. I have heard that the sandwiches are lovely so there was probably a lot of drooling! The best part was being left in peace which for a 15 year old is perrrfection!

Back to my nap.... Payne.

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